Niche Contact Blaster Minimal Requirements : Windows 7 computer with minimum 4 GB memory.

Works on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. OSX and Linux users can run the software using a virtual machine. Fast internet connection.

New v2 Features:

  • Upload your own urls in csv format
  • Use captcha solver API
  • Collect and export Emails, Social profiles
  • Export urls in csv format
  • Enter your template message and send your marketing template to all results.¬†Recommended for larger campaigns.
  • Use free proxies and private proxies ( private highly recommended ). Proxy scraper included.
  • Send emails using SMTP at the end of the campaign
  • Use large list of keywords
  • Use spintax on fields
  • Multi-threading posting and scraping
  • Scrape form yellow pages
  • Use random data

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