Google adds Merchant Center Feed Rules to make formatting shopping feeds simpler


Let’s confront it, shopping feeds are a pain. Such a pain an entire cottage industry has sprung up to help retailers with the hassle of product feed direction and formatting. On Tuesday, Google released Web Feed Rules to make it a little simpler for retailers handling and those advertisers Google Shopping web feeds on their own to get web feed information formatted right.

“You can export and submit your product data in your own format, and use different rules to transform it into product characteristics and values that follow the Google Shopping web feed specification, directly in Merchant Center,” Sven Herschel, Product Manager for Google Shopping described in a site post.

From the new Feed rules tab in Merchant Center, now you can place rules to alter column headers and values used in your product information to fit those used by Google — i.e. “for girls” to “female” as revealed in the screenshot from Google shopping feed rules

Also, you can add characteristics that are missing by establishing rules that can automatically populate fields that are lost with distinct values based on specific states or a fixed value.

Once you’ve got your info all set, then you definitely can use Feed Rules to implement custom labels to label products and products with transportation labels.

Herschel includes this is only version 1 of Feed Rules and Google will be looking for ideas for additional abilities and comments on the attribute. Select “Send Opinions” on the tools icon in Merchant Center to send your ideas to Google.

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