Google says page speed position variable in coming months to use cellular page speed for cellular websites


Gary Illyes from Google said at the Search Marketing Summit today in Sydney that Google will be upgrading the page speed position variable in regards to the cellular friendly algorithm to particularly examine the page speed of your cellular pages.

This report came from Jennifer Slegg who said Gary Illyes from Google said this is “months” but not “years” away from occurring.

The issue today is that many of the position signals Google uses now for cellular telephone positions are based in your desktop computer web pages, not cellular web pages. So if you’ve a desktop computer web page that is extremely quick but the mobile version is not extremely fast, it now does’t damage your positions that are cellular telephone.

When Google updates their cellular favorable algorithm, they expect to add cellular particular page speed as a variable and not rely on the desktop computer variation.

Because you may recall, page speed became a position variable back in April 2010. In June 2013, Matt Cutts suggested that a negative variable would come to slow cellular pages. Subsequently annually ago, Gary Illyes said they’re working on cellular particular page speed and now, Gary said it’s months away.

But Gary also said on Twitter it’s in the preparation stage, so hopefully it’s still months away.

It’s only valid for other variables, along with page speed, to be not background dependent and mobile dependent. I think this is ’s strategy that is Google.

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