Inquire Yoast: can my rankings damage?

Backlinks to your site generally lead to your positions. So usually you’d be happy to get bunches links to pages and your posts. But imagine if you get tons of links from one website? Would Google contemplate that as suspect, and could you so be penalized?

In this Ask Yoast we’ll require a question from Gabriel Heffes of Alberta Home Services:

“I lately had a post on Tumblr that was reblogged and resulted in 9000 links to my page, making Tumblr and that post the most link sending post. Will these thousands of links cause a Penguin punishment and damage my rankings?”

In the video below we’ll clarify whether all those links could lead to a punishment or not!

[embedded content]

Are backlinks from Tumblr dangerous?

Unable to view the video? You can read the transcript here:

“The truthful response is: no. This is really an excellent thing, not a terrible thing. Google understands how Tumblr functions. It can see that these links are or in any other manner good. So do’t worry about them. Observe the fact that you’ve got so many links on Tumblr! And ensure you’ll create another place in this way, because it is going to really help in your position. All the best!”

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