Meet with A Landy Prize Winner: Piston Won Greatest Integration Of Search Into Cross-Channel Promotion For Its Mophie Effort

The Search Engine Land Awards - #TheLandys

Earlier this month, Piston Agency took home a Landy for the most effective Integration of Search Into Cross-Channel Marketing for their work on their Mophie Effort. Mophie, a leader in external battery packs for cellular devices, desired help in capitalizing on their first-ever TV area (during the Super Bowl) and wanted digital support to supplement the attempt. This really is the area where Piston comes in.

With business aims of getting live across multiple devices, the Piston team got to work with competitive ROAS targets that leveraged SEM, search engine optimization and support from screen. With the supply of queries coming in from the TV advertisement, Piston needed to lock down all facets of search.

The All-Natural Side

The Piston search engine optimization team worked to shore up all optimization attempts around all possible investigations. This comprised press releases, Super Bowl effort investigations, social networking, video support and center product lines. The aim was to not only allow the run that is commercial and reap the gains, but to get and nurture those people who actively revealed interest when the saw the first ever Mophie advertising.

The Paid Side

In support of the advertisement as well as the efforts that were all-natural, the SEM team of Piston took activity. They covered associated hashtag searches to help throw the broad web that SEM can provide and leveraged extensions and advertising copy. Search engine optimization team and the SEM team worked hand in hand to share what copy and terms were working, together with what was supplying the best value across the entire attempt. Contained in the SEM drive was screen retargeting that was capable to convert that huge traffic into added opinions across search, YouTube, societal and mobile.

The Results

Due to the planned execution and cross-team cooperation, Piston managed to deliver Mophie more than 200 percent ROAS on projections, with a growth of a 48 percent increase in CTR WoW as well as 456 percent in branded search. All in all, the incorporated search strategy drove more than $800,000 in revenue for But wait, there is more: Thanks to the perfect performance on the big game spend, rank increase was seen by Mophie across 55 additional built-in key words, which has resulted in an added 120,000 monthly investigations.

To find out more, fire on around to Piston and see more about their Super Bowl 2015 Campaign. Congrats on the huge triumph!

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