Question Yoast to eventually become a prominent SEO

It is time for another Ask Yoast! We have received the following question from Francisco Acuña (Nuevo Léon, Mexico) at

“Can you give 1 or 2 quick suggestions you believe are essential to eventually become a prominent Search Engine Optimization?”

See the video to learn the tricks of the trade!

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We have formed a transcript for you:

“The truthful answer is: I can give you one or two fast tricks, but it’s definitely going to be a great deal of work. The principles are: you essentially need to be a programmer that is good, when it comes to understanding the way the internet works, how HTTP works, the way the technical side of Search Engine Optimization works. And in addition you need to be a great marketer, when it comes to understanding precisely what the message is that you would like to send to your visitors and the way you bring that message in this manner that it is also understood by the search engines. An excellent Search Engine Optimization is a hybrid of both a marketer as well as a programmer and that mix is difficult to get right. That is why there are really so few truly, really great SEO’s out there. I am hoping this works for you! All the best!”

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