Review and callout extensions accessible Bing Advertising

bing callout and review extensions

Bing Advertising rolled out callout and review extensions last week. The new advertising extensions are obtainable in all Bing Advertising marketplaces, with the exceptions of Taiwan and Hong Kong. The advertisement shown above characteristics both of these new extensions.

Callout extensions

Advertisers must have a minimum of two callout extensions for them to show and can add up to 20 callouts in their efforts and advertising groups.

One thing to note: Bing says the format in which callouts show can change. In the advertisement above, there are really two lines of callout extensions revealing — one with dot separators (beginnings with “Free Cancellation”) and one with dashboard separators (beginnings with “The 20 finest resorts in Chicago, IL”).

Review extensions

Reviews for review extensions must come from “reputable, well- trustworthy and recognized sources.” The review must appear on the review landing page — and advertisers aren’t charged for clicks on those links. The reviews can be paraphrased, but they must correctly represent the first review.

The advertisement above — with two lines of drawn-out sitelinks and callouts — has a review extension empowered with a review from the World Travel Awards.

You may set both of these up from the advertising extensions tablature in the Bing Ads UI.

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