Spam Free & Safe Contact Form Marketing

Tips for How to Create a Safe & Spam Free Contact Form Marketing Campaign

1- Do not hide who you are 

You cannot alter or falsify your header information. You must send your marketing messages using the “From” and “Reply” email addresses that you own and monitor. You can setup a new email address on your domain, for example,, and use it for your newsletters only. Do not send from a noreply@ email address. People must know that they can always send you an email in response in case they have any queries.

2- Include your contact information

The minimum contact information you can have in your emails is your email address. Of course, the subscriber can click on the “Reply” button to contact you, but it adds more trust when you do not hide your contact details. You can write your email in the signature, or add a line above the signature “Should you have any queries, please, send me an email at”.

In addition to the email address, you can include the phone number, web site URL, and postal address of your company to ensure the subscriber that you’re a real person or that your company really exists. The more people will trust you, the more emails they will read and the more they will buy from you.

3- Do not contact again someone requesting to not being contacted


By using our contact form submitter software and respecting the above 3 simple rules you will generate more clients and protect your online reputation.