Weekly Search Engine Optimization recap: speed it up!

As I was away on vacation for some time, this week we have got to catch up a bit. Fortunately Google chose it slow in the previous couple of weeks, essentially doing nothing actually interesting. They did put out lots of things, it simply was not all that interesting. Let us go over

Joost's weekly SEO Recap

AMP it up

At conventions, with demo websites, in newsgroups, in site posts and even in Google Search Console, Google is working hard to get individuals to embrace AMP. We have written about AMP and I do not enjoy it. It is WAP that is very much all over again, it feels like going back. At exactly the same time I do see the requirement to generate the internet quicker for men and women in low bandwidth states. We do not feel that demand much where we’re. The office I am writing this from will shortly have 3 different 500mb (down and up) fiber connections. That is more bandwidth than most nations on the planet have per 1 million inhabitants, based on this list.

In the the next couple of weeks we’ll be executing AMP here on Yoast. We have already seen that the go to AMP plugin for WordPress works but we should mend some interaction problems between it and our Yoast SEO plugin.

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Immediate Posts for Facebook

In an identical tendency as AMP for Google, Facebook’s Instant Articles will shortly (as in, in April) be accessible to all. There is a WordPress plugin for that overly, which I am also looking at to be sure it sends the appropriate information when Yoast SEO is installed.

Amit Singhal leaves Google

In the beginning of the month perhaps the most shocking news of all came out. Amit Singhal is about to leave the business (end of next week really). He was their head of search and extremely significant lately when it comes to selecting positions works and how search works.

Singhal’s replacement will be John Giannandrea, who’s one of the most significant artificial intelligence engineers in the business. If this does not tell you where Google is going…

That is it, see you

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